Policies & Procedures

  1.  Terms & Conditions mentioned in the application form should be clearly explained to a prospective distributor before sponsoring.
  2.  No ID can be created on any Partnership basis or on the Name of a firm.
  3.  Every Business week begins on Saturday and ends on the following Friday. Incentives earned during one business week will be credited into the bank account of the Individual Distributor on or before next Friday.
  4.  Every distributor must upload the scanned copy of his KYC/KYDC, PAN Card, address proof and canceled a cheque before the end of first 4 weeks from the week of his enrolment; failing which he would remain unable to place a subsequent repurchase order.
  5.  In case of failure in submitting the scanned copy of his PAN card, TDS of 20% instead of 5% would be deducted from the Distributor.
  6.  The distributor has to upload a scanned copy of both the sides of the duly filled in and signed the application form, failing which would amount to withhold of incentives.
  7.  The default Co-applicant of a person is his/her spouse. However, in the case of a Distributor being unmarried/Divorced the default Co-applicant for a female Distributor is their father and mother in the case of a male Distributor.
  8.  No husband and wife or their dependents are entitled to hold separate Distributorship. Dual Distributorship will amount to termination of both the IDs.
  9.  The distributorship is non-transferable; a Crown Black Diamond Ambassador ID may be sold as per the norms of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, after obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the company. The buyer of the ID can claim the revenue and benefits from the ID.
  10.  If an ID remains inactive even after 4 weeks from the date of enrolment, it can be considered as resigned and can retrieve the PAN. An active distributor who resigns his distributorship can restart only after 3 months. If the ID is inactive for six consecutive months, it will be considered as resigned. In case of an ID remaining inactive for a period of 2 years subsequent to activation, it will be removed from records.
  11.  Distributors are strictly prohibited from changing their sponsor and their line of uplines subsequent to activation of the ID.
  12.  A maximum purchase that can be made in a day is restricted to 200 PV. Further purchase can be made on the following day which shall be presumed as the previous order is completely liquidated.
  13. Courier changes will be on actuals for non-servicable locations; including remote islands/ destinations/ locations outside India.
  14.  If a Distributor cancels his first order after the commission statement is generated, minus PV shall be reflected on all concerned beneficiaries. On top of it, distributors are liable to settle the accounts with the company within 30 days if it didn’t set aside by that time.
  15.  Trimming: If the sales and marketing costs exceed 50% of the turnover of the company in any week, the excess amount will be equally deducted from all the beneficiaries of the particular week.
  16.  An affidavit must be prepared and submitted in the prescribed format, on a stamp paper of INR 100 or above with duly notarized for PCM. The product cost of PCM shall be transferred directly from the concerned party’s bank account to the company.
  17.  Distributors are strictly prohibited to sell any products at a discounted rate and must give them the duly filled in customer receipt.
  18.  Activation with PV below the specified volume as mentioned in the compensation plan will bring down the carry forward (if any) to 10,000 GV.
  19. Rewarded products will not carry any Point Value and shall not be included in the aggregated income. Sales are subject to audit.
  20.  The maximum Rank which can be achieved in one go is Star-250. Subsequent to which every Distributor must remain in each Rank for at least one week period. No jumping of ranks is possible subsequent to achieving Star-250 Rank.
  21.  Berth IDs can be opened only after achieving Black Diamond Ambassador Rank.
  22.  Reward programs are strictly for distributors and default co-applicants. It is non-transferable and not eligible for carrying forward to subsequent events.
  23.  Distributors are not allowed to create any page/ channel/ accounts in online platforms in the name of IndusViva or VibranbtViva or with the same as prefix or suffix.
  24.  System (Business Development Organisation) may only be created after achieving Crown Black Diamond Rank with the consent of IndusViva Healthsciences Private Limited; which will be considered as a parallel system to VibrantViva.
  25.  Until achieving Crown Black Diamond Rank, only the team leader’s name or name of the city can be used by the Ruby and above ranks. Ruby and above ranks shall use their name for event promotions only, in the absence of their uplines during the event. The leader whose name is mentioned in the promotions should be present in the event.
  26.  The team should not do any activities conflicting with the VibrantViva system.
  27.  Creating personal/team logos and using it along with the VibrantViva system is strictly not entertained. Unachieved/conferred titles should not be used for any promotions.
  28.  Distributors are not allowed to make and promote any marketing collaterals, accessories or anything of such kind.
  29.  Any kind of promotions with monitary financial benefits or any aids to attract anyone to the business are strictly not entertained.
  30.  All full-time Distributors of IndusViva are liable to attend the training on Do’s and Dont’s of Multi-Level marketing by Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation, Trivandrum, Kerala State.
  31.  Violations of any of the company norms may attract discontinuation or cancellation of Royalty. The payment of Royalty will be at the sole discretion of the company.
  32.  Association of the distributor with any other Network Marketing Company or a Ponzi scheme or money chain of whatsoever kind or any other valid reason which company feels so will amount in the termination of distributorship.
  33.  Any employee of IndusViva or their relatives are not permitted to enroll as the Distributors of IndusViva

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